Mobile Crushing Plant for Building Waste Processing

Along with the further advancement of urbanization process, when we enjoy the great convenience brought by urban development, but at the same time, the disposal of construction waste has become a troubling issue. As we all know, waste is a misplaced resource that can be turned into a treasure after being treated scientifically so as to recycle resources and to improve both the economic and environmental benefits. Due to the construction wastes usually were piled up concentratedly in a relatively limited space with the poor traffic condition, YCZG Machinery recommends the use of wheel mobile crushing equipment to crush and screen the construction waste.

YCZG  mobile crushing plant configuration

Production Process

  • Pre-processing:

    First of all, using the transport vehicle carries the construction waste generated after the building demolition, house decoration and road reconstruction work to the disposal site. Then, separate and classify the recycled materials, such as metal materials, wood materials and plastic materials manually supplying for relevant company to process.
  • Crushing Process:

    As for the large chunks of waste concrete, bricks, marbles and other materials, using the heavy hammer crusher or jaw crusher for primary crushing until the materials are crushed to the desired size. And then they will be sent to the vibrating feeder with the screening function, the small materials will be discharged while the larger materials will be put into the impact crusher for further crushing and the iron separator set at the upward site of the belt conveyor to separate the steel rebar out of the construction waste. Then, the separated materials will be transferred to the vibrating screen in the mobile crushing plant. The larger materials will be back to the impact crusher to form a closed circuit while the desired small materials will be transferred to the final product piles.

YCZG  wheel mobile crushing plant


The integrated the crushing with screening functions, which can carry out the multi-level crushing process on various large-sized bulk materials. In addition, mobile crushing plant covers a small area and has the flexible, convenient, high mobility features that can save a lot of foundation construction and relocation costs. The mobile crushing plant can crush the materials on site and it doesn’t need to transport the materials from the site and then crushed, and it also can move with the raw material mining face, which greatly reduced the material transportation costs. Apart from these advantages, the configuration of mobile stone crushing plant is flexible and depends on the actual site condition and the customer’s practical requirements, so it is the ideal equipment for building waste crushing.

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