Basalt Crushing and Sand Making Production Line

The production line of basalt materials processing can mainly be divided into 3 stages: primary crushing, secondary crushing, sand making & shaping, respectively. Because the real size of the raw basalt material and the desirable size of end product of each customer are various, the production lines may be different from each other. In addition to the application and installation conditions of each customer are various too, YCZG Machinery technical staff will customize the most rational solution for our customers about the basalt material processing and provide the corresponding technical support according to different requirements.

Basalt Crushling And Sand Making Line

Raw Materials Introduction

Basalt is an internationally recognized construction stone material for roads, railways, airport runways,etc. owing to its features of high compressive strength, low crushing value, high abrasion resistance, low water absorption, weak conductivity, high corrosion resistance and good concrete adhesivity. What’s more, basalt is also one high quality aggregate material used in lightweight concrete production for high-rise building. Its multiple pores and high rigidity micro-structure lightens the weight of the concrete but has no effect on the concrete’s  robustness. Additionally, it also has the advantages of sound insulation and thermal insulation so that it is always favored by the building materials market.

Crushing Process

  1. Primary Crushing: The large raw basalt materials are evenly fed to jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for primary crushing. Then, the crushed stones and the fine basalt materials will be transferred to the hydraulic cone crusher through the belt conveyor.

  2. Secondary Crushing: The materials transferred by the belt conveyor from the last process will be crushed by the , and then after the screening process of the vibrating screen, the larger stone will be transferred back to the cone crusher for crushing again, the medium size of stone will be transferred to the vertical shaft crusher to produce the manufactured sand, the finer materials that meet the manufactured sand particle size will be transferred to the end product storage bins.

  3. Sand Manufacturing:The medium materials will be transferred to the sand maker for further crushing, and then the crushed materials will be screened by the vibrating screen. The larger size particle will be conveyed back to the VSI crusher to form a closed crushing circuit while the desirable products will be transferred and stored in the storage places.

  4. Sand Washing(Optional): The VSI crusher adopts dry sand making technology to produce manufactured sand, so the sand washing process is not the necessary process. If the customer wants to get more clean sand, the production line can be equipped with one set sand washing machine to meet the customer’s demand.

Advantages of the Basalt Crushing and Sand Making production Line

The production line designed by YCZG Machinery has fully considered our customer’s practical requirements, it has the features of high automation degree, high crushing ratio, low operation cost, low energy consumption and environmentally-friendly, and the final product it produced has a uniform particle size, good grain shape and rational gradation. In addition, YCZG adopts single motor as its drive system to put the whole machine in motion, so compared with other brand sand maker, it can save near 50% energy consumption but can also produce high quality artificial sand with the good particle size and better gradation.

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