Granite Crushing Line

The crushing line of granite should be determined by the size of raw materials and the particle size of the end products that the customer want to produce. Based on different sites’ conditions, YCZG can offer a comprehensive stone crushing solution and other types of technical support, and we also can provide the customized equipment and installation plan according to customer’s demand.

granite crushing line blueprint

Raw Material Introduction

Granite, the main component of the continental crust, is a kind of igneous rocks formed after the magma was coagulated under the earth’s surface, belonging to the deep intrusive rocks category. Granite is resistant to weathering, has a beautiful and light appearance that even can be kept for more than a century. In addition to the use in high-level building decorating and the lobby ground paving materials, it is also the first choice for open-air carving material. Because granite is rare than ceramics or other artificial materials, paving granite floor can greatly increase the value of the large real estate, and natural granite countertop has a unique temperature resistance property, so it is the first choice for various board materials production.

Crushing Process

  • Primary Crushing: Raw granite materials are evenly fed by GZD series vibrating feeder to the for primary crushing. After this step, the semi-products and the finer materials screened through the feeder will be transferred into the secondary crushing.

  • Secondary Crushing: The belt conveyor transfers above semi-products to the cone crushers for crushing again. Then, the products will be screened by the circular screen, the desirable products will be stored in the end-product bins while the undesirable products will be transferred back to cone crusher for further crushing.

Advantages of The Granite Crushing Line

The Granite Crushing Line designed by YCZG has the advantages of high automation degree, high crushing capacity, low operation cost, low energy consumption and qualified environmental protection performance, and the end products it produced has a good grain shape and a uniform and reasonable gradation.

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