Concrete Mixing Plant for Concrete Blocks

The production of concrete blocks on block machines has become one of the most popular industrial prefabrication methods in the construction sector worldwide. The following figure shows the individual sub-processes of a technological line used for the manufacture of small concrete products.

Typical process steps in the production of concrete blocks

In this particular case, stiff concrete mixes are being processed. Fully automated circulation systems are used to implement these subprocesses in a technological line used for industrial production of concrete blocks. figure below illustrates an example of the equipment included in such a circulation system.

Circulation system for the production of concrete blocks

At the very heart of the system is the block machine. In the production process, the mould is supported and closed at the bottom by so-called base boards or pallets, which fulfl several functions. During the moulding and compaction phase in the block machine (1), they are initially part of the formwork and thus of the compaction system. Once this stage has been completed, they serve as a base for the transport of the demoulded fresh concrete items along routes (2), (3) and (4) to the curing rack (5). At this point, they become part of the storage system during the curing phase. Thereafter, the base boards serve again as elements of the transport system (4) and (6) en route to quality control (7) and packaging (8). After packaging and transport of the fnished products out of the production line (10), the base boards are re-routed to the block machine via a buffer storage facility (9) [3.2]. The base board or pallet is a signifcant  element of the block machine vibration system, which is discussed in one of the following sections.

Concrete Mixing Unit for Concrete Blocks Plant

In a mixing Unit, raw materials are stored, batched and transported to the mixer, where the actual mixing process takes place, and the fnished concrete mix is then discharged. we can supply 25-240m³/h concrete mixing unit for Concrete Blocks plants. The entire mixing unit can be operated from a control unit that manages mix designs and process flows, integrates measuring, batching and control procedures and processes data along the entire chain to order handling. The system may also incorporate specifc tasks, such as the metered addition of pigments, plasticisers and fbres.To complement the system, an automated mixer cleaning device using high-pressure water nozzles can also be integrated in the control unit.

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