Mason Sand Making Solution

Natural sand has long been the top choice for construction, but increasingly stringent environmental regulations often mean that is not a possibility. Today, however, it’s possible to produce the same quality locally, without the need for expensive imports.

Mason Sand is also called as Plaster Sand, one type of important building material in construction industry. Mason sand has a maximum particle size of 9.5 mm, and 5% should fall between 4.75 – 9.5 mm. It also must have a variety of mid-size particles, and up to 10% can be finer than 100 mesh.

Mason Sand

Plaster Sand has a wide rage of applications, for example, it can not only be used in producing Portland cement concrete as fine aggregate, but also can be applied to create artificial beach. Additionally, it can be used as runway de-icing sand, grout sand, drainage/filtration medium, etc. It also can be used to produce dry motor-the new style building material.

How to Produce Mason Sand

Mason sand can be produced by the same way like concrete sand but the concrete sand will be crushed much finer. It is also produced at the quarry by crushing granite, gneiss, limestone or trap rock materials. Then the crushed materials should be washed by screens to ensure its uniformity.

sand plant

YCZG Machinery has more than 30 years production experience of stone and aggregate equipment, is known for creating customized solutions to meet the specific demands of every customer according to your practical requirement. We can supply the whole set of machine from course crushing to fine crushing whether you need the course aggregate or the fine aggregate. The adopts the single motor design, which has a low energy consumption, high crushing ratio, and it is the ideal choice to produce Mason Sand. What’s more, we also can offer the modular , which has the features of a small occupation place, simple installation and fast production. Additionally, we also can provide various accessories to satisfy the customer’s requirements for washing, classifying, degassing, drying, etc.

Mason Sand crushing plant

Given the gradation of raw feedingmaterials and the desire forfinished product are different in different places, our engineer teams will plan and design the professional solution according to your application and site specifications. Every Sand Plant is designed to simplify your operation and make your production process be much safer, simpler and smarter.

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