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As one type of the most common building materials, aggregate plays an irreplaceable role in infrastructure construction. In the ingredients of cement concrete and concrete concrete, aggregates can account for more than 65%, so the quality of aggregates directly determines the properties of the concrete.

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Generally, we named the aggregate with a diameter size below 4.75㎜ as sand, above 4.75㎜ as course aggregate. Based on the source, aggregates can be classified as natural and manufactured. Natural aggregates may be reclassified into those that may be used as is such as river gravel, and those which are obtained from crushing of rocks. On the other hand, manufactured aggregates are those prepared artificially, such as slag, glass, fly ash, etc. According to the current situation of natural resources, natural aggregates are more and more scarce and many countries has established strict laws to prohibit mining natural aggregates. How to create manufactured aggregates near to natural aggregates becomes one challenge of the construction industry.

Aggregate Manufacturing Solution of YCZG Machinery

Primary Crushing

C Series Jaw Crusher in YCZG Workshop

As the first step of aggregate production, primary crushing plays one essential role in the whole production. During the primary crushing process, YCZG Machinery provides our own solutions to solve the problems. For raw stone materials with large hardness and large size like pebble or marble, we recommend jaw crusher. YCZG has two types of jaw crusher, C Series Jaw Crusher and PE Series Jaw Crusher, which can respectively used in different occasions and can provide a processing capacity from the minimum of 1 ton to the largest 2,200 tons per hour . For limestone and other raw stone materials with small hardness and small size, they can be directly put into the secondary crushing stage.

Secondary Crushing

The Installation of PF Series Impact Crusher

After the primary crushing process, when the stone materials was crushed to the appropriate size, they will be put into the secondary crusher. Proven by practical experiments, ZSF Series Impact Crusher and PF Series Impact Crusher produced by Camleway Machinery are the ideal choice for secondary crushing, which can provide the maximum stone processing capacity of 800 tons per hour. After the secondary crushing process through the impact crusher, the crushed stones have been able to use in some construction sites as coarse aggregates, and they don’t need to be crushed any more.

Tertiary Crushing

vsi sand maker

In general, the tertiary crushing is the final stage in aggregate manufacturing process, which is one important step to produce artificial sand/manufactured sand. YCZG can offer two types of tertiary crushing solutions -- Cone Crusher and Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher. YCZG Machinery has three different kinds of cone crusher -- PY Series Spring Cone Crusher, ZSDG Single Cylinder Cone Crusher ZSHP Series Multiple Cylinder Cone Crusher to meet different customers’ requirements. The Cone Crusher has the features of high efficiency, high crushing ratio, low sensitivity to the hardness of the rock when it is used to produce artificial sand. In addition, we recommend equipped with one single-motor drive system and a unique deep chamber structure. Thanks to these characters, compared with traditional VSI crusher, our crusher has the advantages of low energy consumption, better grain shape, reasonable gradation, high durability. Apart from these, YCZG can also offer a compact modular , which has the features of occupying a smaller footprint, more environmentally friendly and it can also be added into some specialized accessories to produce dry artificial sand.

Customized Solution of Aggregate Manufacturing


Because of local situations, stone categories and industry standards in different countries are various, almost every aggregate production line should be planned and designed according to your practical conditions. Thus, in order to provide the most appropriate and perfect solution, please tell us the specific raw stone materials you want to crush, the input and output size information, etc., and our engineers will make a special plan according to your specific requirements.

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